Eric tells the story of when Alicia drove to the skatepark and told him she was pregnant with their first son.

I spent a lovely Saturday with Eric and his family this past weekend. We chatted about what he felt prepared for as well as what nobody ever tells you about being a father.

Eric helps Johnny, his second son, crest the ramp at Churchill Park, a neighborhood skatepark he lobbied to get built.

He opened up about how his dad had a rough childhood and how he was terrifying at times. Still, Eric could tell that his father didn't want to make the same mistakes. "You can see the domino effect," Eric says of how he got to be the kind of father he is to his two sons, Sammy and Johnny.

Skateboarding is a family activity.

And of course we talked about being a skateboarder. It not only helped him as an adolescent, but seeps into his methods of being a father and a teacher as well.