Anybody who knows Chucky will tell you he has a distinctive laugh--something like a hyena mixed with The Nanny.

This past Friday was one of those lush, tingly, breezy Chicago days. I did a hike with Chucky looking for the perfect spot for an interview. He talks about a fight at his stepmom's and father's house when he was seventeen and how it led to him not speaking with his dad for four years. He's told me this story three times now, but every time it becomes more vivid and powerful. 

This was his first time learning how to row with oars. By the time we headed back to the docks he was a pro; we were cruising at high-knot speed.

He talks to his dad now, but it was a slow process. He admits that he had a lot of growing up to do. But it was a fishing trip that he took with his dad a couple years ago that helped him to decide to move back to Illinois.

He's quick-footed.

After getting sunburnt out on the water, we headed to a spot he'd found nearby where he's living in Wheaton. We got the clip and ended the day on a high note. Not every day of shooting can be this productive, but we got it all in: interview, lifestyle b-roll, and skateboarding. Can't wait to catch up with Chucky down the road to see how things have progressed with his skating and his relationship with his dad.