Bobby Taylor was the first person I interviewed who connected the dots of absent fathers. He told me of one Father's Day a few years back, when he realized all of his friends had no positive male figure in their life to spend the day with--which is why they were all out skating.

Waiting for the crowds to clear out at Kiener Plaza, in St. Louis, MO, so he can skate.

I've been driving down to St. Louis doing follow-ups with him the last couple of years, and he's been quite open to talking about how his views have been shifting. A few months ago I proposed that he seek out his dad to talk to him.

Getting a last session in at Shitside before it is torn down this Fall.

And it was this last trip out there that he decided to do it. And we did it. He found out where his father was from his sister: in a hospital because of a hole in his lung. And they met, and it was powerful.

Moments before seeing his father for the first time in his life.

Bobby has become a very good friend of mine throughout the making of this film and has taught me a lot about taking responsibility for your life. Can't wait to share his story with all of you in the feature-length film.

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