I've been spending a lot of time taking trips out to Rockford, spending time with my dudes Keire and Zack and their buddies. As winter sets in with its shadowless cloudy days and cold temperatures that make joints and tendons ache just getting out of bed, everyone is getting a chance to focus on other aspects of their lives off their boards.

Zack, who I filmed going to the hospital with his girlfriend to give birth to their son earlier this summer, has just spent his first Christmas as a dad this year. Him and his girlfriend have split up, and now he is navigating the scheduling and financial issues of split custody.

Zack with his son Elliot, spending time being a dad the day after Christmas.

Meanwhile, Keire has been playing more shows with his band, Sleeping Habits. He's also been putting in the hours at his new dishwashing job.

Keire getting a lot of love after killing it at one of his bands'  biggest shows yet.

He's able to help his mom with bills and start saving up to move to Chicago with his new job.